Details On My Upcoming XNA Book

I have been quietly working on a new XNA book to support the upcoming release of XNA Game Studio 3.1 and one of its undocumented features. Most people don’t know that you can actually deploy to other devices besides the Xbox 360, Zune and PC if you have the right driver widgets installed and with a few registry hacks.

As a result I think folks will really enjoy what I have come up with.


That’s right – XNA games on the iPhone! I am probably jumping the gun on this one (sorry XNA Team) but the potential is just too great.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to get your shiny black thing connected to XNA Game Studio on a PC (obviously this will not work on a Mac)
  • How to advantage of the iPhone’s many hardware features such as GPS, vibration, and gyroscopes to develop top-grossing titles
  • How to deploy your game to XBox Live Community Games as well as the App Store
  • How to live in harmony with Mac users if you’re a PC user
  • How to deal with colors other than white if you’re a Mac user

The book is still in the works and numerous legal details are still being sorted out, but the planned print date for this book is Sept 9, 2009. (or, Nein! Nein! Nein!)

Comments (5)

  1. David Weller says:


    You forgot to mention my companion book, "Xbox Live Community Game Development using Objective-C and the iPhone SDK"

  2. Dinhduy says:

    One of the best 1ts April fool so far 😉

  3. Zman says:

    Will I be able to write an MMORPG?

  4. Amusingly, this will soon be possible, at least for 2D games.

    First, use SilverSprite to convert the game from XNA to Silverlight –

    Next, Miguel de Icaza is working on a Silverlight to iPhone app compiler that would make a native iphone app from your Silverlight application. More details here –

  5. Aaron Smith says:

    danielfe actually took a very humorous april 1st joke and turned it into something real….

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