GuitarrMatey Update – New Video Added!

Due to a large volume of requests, I have added a new video to the series! This new video serves as an introduction to the long and difficult 6a-6c miniseries which deals with rigging, weight painting and animation. Many of you mentioned that I didn’t include the scene file used as the base, so I’ve also included that.

I would highly recommend that you download the video below so that you can watch it at a higher resolution (as well as pause and rewind it easier). I am learning a new video editing program so the final quality isn’t as good as usual – my apologies!

I was unable to reconstruct the pirate from scratch – the reason I didn’t record the process was that it took me about 2 days in January to really learn XSI well enough to build a complex single-mesh object. Around 9:50 in the video, you’ll see the approach I used to make the basic shapes of the pirate (body, arm, etc) and join them together using the Weld Point tool, but you won’t see how to build the entire pirate. Sorry! 🙂 Make your own single-mesh pirate for use in the game (be creative!), or use my scene file.

Download ze pirate! Yarr! (630 KB) Make sure to change the image and .fx filepaths as shown in the video to get this to work!

Download ze video! Yarr! (39.6 MB)

I also updated the original GuitarrMatey blog post to include this new video in the series.

Please leave comments if you have further questions, or if you just want to tell me I’m awesome. My ego needs it.

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