How to Build a Networked Zune Game with XNA Series: Part 2, The Code

And as promised, here's the code walkthrough / conclusion video (download here [39.6 MB]).

Comments (5)

  1. Dan Waters has a great video series as well as code download showing how to build a networked Zune game.

  2. Brent says:

    Absolutely excellent boilerplate code to start a Zune game with. Keep the code coming!!

  3. Game Theory says:

    Many thanks to Shane DeSeranno of the Zune team for helping me wrap my head around this concept. One

  4. noahstauff says:

    there is no video and no source code download

  5. dawate says:

    Sorry about the video being gone on Soapbox. I re-uploaded the source code and the videos so you should be able to download everything by tomorrow (the vids are uploading as we speak).

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