What is the Imagine Cup all about, anyway?

If you've ever wanted to get a brief understanding of what happens at the Imagine Cup, there is a new page over at Microsoft4Me detailing the projects of the US finalists, complete with videos of their presentations to the judges. You can learn about the Software Design Invitational (SDI) and Game Design Invitational.

The Imagine Cup competition is an incredible venue to show the technology community that you are a student that rises above the rest, fit to work toward solving the increasing number of challenges that face our society. If you are a university or college faculty member that would like to get involved, contact your local ADE to discuss integrating Imagine Cup 2009 projects with your class - it's a winning situation for your institution and your students to be in. There is a large amount of visibility and press coverage, and it can be the difference between getting any old IT job and making a difference.


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