How To Install the XNA Add-On for XSI

A little detail: To get the pipeline stuff working for XSI-XNA production, you need to install the XSI add-on.

To install it, open XSI Mod Tool and go to File | Add-On | Install... and browse to the file ending in .xsiaddon that you just downloaded.

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  1. Andrew Stifora says:

    You will want to make sure that you install the Add-On as a Factory Add-Ons not as a User Add-Ons. Otherwise the project will not be able to find the referenced DLL.

  2. Oak Chantosa says:

    After the installation of XSI Mod Tools completed, it "auto-updated" and I thought it automatically installed the XNA add-on.  Has anyone else noticed this behavior?  I also tried to install the "MOTOR" hotfix, but the hotfix installer told me I did not have any XSI products installed.  I assumed the auto-updater installed that hotfix.  I’m running 64-bit Vista.

  3. astifora says:

    Make sure you install the XSI Add-on as a Factory Add-on and not as a User Add-on. XSI Mod Tool defaults to User Add-on when you open File|Add-On|Install, use the drop down in the lower left corner to change to Factory Add-on.

  4. Ruchir Joshi says:

    I am not able to download the addon from the autodesk website. May be they have removed it. Can you provide me an alternate link.

  5. zineddine says:

    here  you go

    it is still on the same website they just moved it to a different location of the site.

  6. DCPhl says:

    Followed the addin guidance with some issues.  For the total novice… Is there some documented task to confirm that the XNA addon is actually functioning?  Guidance sought

  7. Binyam says:

    I install xna add on xsi properly (using "add on as a factory") & xna game studio 4.0 & also visual c#2010  but there is no "xna connection" on the toolbar of softimage|xsi mod tool interface just like seen on video turial .

    Is there any thing else to be install

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