Getting The Source To Compile

A couple of other things. First of all I'll be uploading a more deployable version of the source very soon. In the meantime, if you are eager to compile the source code on your own machine, be aware that for some reason all the XSI files have the textures hardcoded to reference my machine's specific path. You'll need to change this for Crosswalk to process the models. XSI files are text files, you can just open them in VS and look for the texture declaration blocks:

XSI_Image piratebeard_large_jpg {
        "C:\\Users\\dawate\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2005\\Projects\\GuitarMatey\\GuitarMatey\\content\\textures\\piratebeard_large.jpg",


Just replace those paths to match yours and you'll be good.

Comments (4)

  1. Omid says:


    I can’t compile the solution. I’ve corrected the .xsi files as you metioned and I’ve also added reference to XSIXNARuntime.dll and Softimage.WMImporter. Again I get 2 errors and 10 warning when I build the project.

    Error Unsupported type. Cannot find a ContentTypeWriter implementation for Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline.Graphics.NodeContent. G:XNAProjectsGuitarMateySourceGuitarMateyGuitarMateyContentModelsPirate_Blue.xsi GuitarMatey

    Warning Warning compiling G:XNAProjectsGuitarMateySourceGuitarMateyGuitarMateyContentEffectsPhong.fx: warning X3596: Microcode Compiler possible performance issue: pixel shader input semantic ‘TEXCOORD2’ is unused G:XNAProjectsGuitarMateySourceGuitarMateyGuitarMateyContentEffectsPhong.fx 101 1 GuitarMatey360

  2. dawate says:

    @Omid: First of all. Do you have PirateBlue.xsi’s content importer and processor properties set to Crosswalk Importer?

    Also the warnings can be ignored as they are shader performance warnings. I didn’t write the shaders so I take no responsibility for the warnings they output 🙂 Note these warnings usually only show up when you have compilation errors.

    If you have further issues feel free to contact me using the contact form on my blog. I remember having some problems specific to the blue Pirate model, and this could be related.

  3. Omid says:

    Thank you Dan it’s fixed. It was the importer prop. not set to the crosswalk importer.

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