10 Reasons Why The Xbox 360 (And Live Platform) Is Awesome

From the perspective of a PC GAMER FOR LIFE! (until now)  For those of you who haven’t jumped into the “next-gen console” wave yet, I have some words of advice. The 360 is, as Peter Griffin might say, “freakin’ sweet.” Let me first give you some perspective on my situation. I don’t want to give…


Xbox 360 Networking With A Laptop’s Wireless Connection

Is your Xbox 360 in a room far, far away from your broadband router, and you just don’t have the cash to spend on the Xbox wireless adapter? You can get online easily by hijacking your laptop’s wireless connection with the following tools: Laptop with wireless connection to some access point (assuming a nice, stable connection…


Reporting from 3rd Annual Tampa Code Camp

I’m at the Tampa Code Camp in St. Pete today with Joe Healy and Russ Fustino and we are having a great time! The topics include SQL Server, VSTA, VSTO, Vista, .NET, Orcas, VS 2008, BI, … The list goes on; there is so much content to geek out on. So far my favorite session is David Silverlight’s…


Setting up Technorati

… What’s a blog without Technorati?Technorati Profile

Congrats Nikita!

My friend and Student Partner at U. of South Florida, Nikita Polyakov, has received an ASP.NET MVP award.Congrats, Nikita, on a job well done!! 


Creating An IP Geolocation Popfly Block

There is a new shared block on Popfly called Locust IP Locator courtesy of mois. I thought I’d detail how I built it. First of all, download the block SDK, read the Building Blocks guide, and look at the samples once you start going. It’s really helpful to see what the XML looks like, and…


Creating A Really Simple Web Service For Popfly Consumption

I created a really basic web service that performs an IP geolocation based on the database at http://www.hostip.info. All it does is construct and hydrate a serializable object with string properties based on the IP you pass to it. Be careful because I was pretty lax on error handling this time around (I’m an academic DE,…

Popfly, You’re "Out"

Microsoft is announcing a new tool called Popfly today. It will be a lot of fun to try out this weekend. Popfly provides pre-built, net-connected modules that you can use to create mash-ups, gadgets and web pages. It’s fun and easy, and there is a slew of tutorials available to help you get your first…

Let’s Write a 2D Game in XNA

I just finished up an article documenting a game I just finished. Check it out if you’re interested in getting into XNA!

Let’s Make a Game with XNA

DOWNLOAD THE SOURCE HERE! (~44MB)   I admit that I have a deep-seated love for PC and console games. Naturally, as someone with a programmer’s background, I have tried making my own games on different platforms since the day I first #included stdio.h. My attempts (all of which failed) progressed over the years across most languages we see…