Digital Literacy Curriculum Version 2

Microsoft has released a new version of its Digital Literacy curriculum.

" The Digital Literacy Curriculum consists of five courses:

Computer Basics

The Internet and the World Wide Web

Productivity Programs

Computer Security and Privacy

Digital Lifestyles"

As MSDN bloggers, we often forget about the fact that not everyone is a MCSD or computer science grad, and for many people, just learning how to use one of these things [computers] requires the acquisition of new skills.

If you know someone who could benefit from using a computer but just hasn't had the time to learn how, point them here and see it in action. Even apply it in your intro classes.

The digital lifestyle is becoming more and more pervasive. Much of this is key information. (You might even be surprised that you didn't know some of it!)

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  1. Olivier Garbe says:


    The link you provided seems broken.


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