Xbox 360 Networking With A Laptop’s Wireless Connection

Is your Xbox 360 in a room far, far away from your broadband router, and you just don't have the cash to spend on the Xbox wireless adapter? You can get online easily by hijacking your laptop's wireless connection with the following tools:

  • Laptop with wireless connection to some access point (assuming a nice, stable connection to a network you own with internet access)

  • Internet Connection Sharing ENABLED! (this is disabled by some domain group policies, the setting is in the GPO Editor / Computer Config / Administrative Templates / Network Settings)

  • Crossover cable OR:

    • Ethernet patch cable x 2 (this is the normal kind of cable you use to connect a computer to the "Internets")

    • A hub, switch, or other multiport mechanism with at least two non-uplink ports (preferably not a router, because it may try to assign IPs and generally includes a lot of overhead)

And the steps to get it all connected (note, I am using Vista Business here, but the same or similar steps apply for other operating systems):

  1. Make sure your laptop has an active wireless internet connection, and you can get to an incredible website like

  2. Fire up your hub or switch, and attach your two patch cables like this:

    1. One patch cable from your laptop's Ethernet port to Port 1 on your hub or switch

    2. One patch cable from your Xbox 360's Ethernet port to Port 2 on your hub or switch
      (Note, the port numbers are inconsequential, just don't use the uplink ports at all)

  3. Open up Control Panel / Network Connections. You should see an Unidentified Network or some such (the connection to your hub) and a Wireless Network Connection, both of which are connected.

  4. Bridge the two connections by selecting them both, right-clicking on one or the other, and clicking Bridge Connections.

  5. Windows will create a network bridge that will allow your 360 to use your laptop's wireless connection.

  6. Test your connection from the System tab / Network settings in your 360.

Note! If you need to download an update for Xbox Live, do it through the Xbox Live tab rather than the System Test tab, I had better luck there.

Big thanks to my friend Henry Hernandez who suggested this originally, he's the kind of smartypants who makes his own crossover cables.  


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  1. krapduude says:

    This works for me, but i keep getting disconnected to live every 15 minutes for some reason, it’s only the Xbox losing connection… the pc still has a connection. Any ideas? Been trying to figure it out for a week now…

  2. dawate says:

    Hmm… Are you using a hub or a switch? Just out of curiosity.

    I am not losing a connection and I was hosting PGR 3 games just fine, it just took a while to figure out what I was doing.

    Also if you are using DSL it might be briefly resetting itself, I have BellSouth DSL and it’s notorious about that (the problem was fixed when I got a newer DSL modem).

  3. Danaki says:

    I have tried this but when I bridge my wireless connection and the LAN connection it disconnects my wireless connection.  Do you know why that is?

  4. dawate says:

    I am taking a shot in the dark here as I’m not sure what your network connection is like, but you need to make sure that you’re not using a hub that will try to assign your laptop an IP address (since a wired connection will generally supercede a wireless one when it wakes up).

    If you are attempting to use a router and you don’t have a dumb switch or hub, try disabling DHCP and DNS and all that stuff. The purpose of the bridge is to get the Xbox to use your wireless connection.

    You can also try a crossover cable between the laptop and the Xbox, this is effectively the same thing as using a router or switch.

    If you are ambitious, you can try to make your own crossover cable from a patch cable (, or you can just buy one 🙂

  5. Chepech says:

    I get an IP Conflict every time I do as you say.. .  

  6. callum says:

    hey it was working for me yesterday but today when i test xbox live connection it says DNS failed. Any ideas ???

     Thanks for the comment. If your laptop powered down or shut off its wireless adapter, the connection might not be alive anymore. Make sure your laptop has (outside) internet access and ensure that the connections are still bridged.

    I run my laptop in high performance power mode so only the screen turns off, just a tip.

  7. doctorofstyle says:

    i’m trying to use a crossover cable … but when i enable the port and enable internet sharing on my laptop… i seem to lose the wireless connection … the connection shows that it is connected – but i can’t go on the net with the laptop … then it shows my other connection (wired to 360) as limited or no connectivity and fails to get an IP when I run the 360 tests.

  8. kieron riley says:

    i don’t suppose anyone could help me out here….

    same problem as other people…

    i seem to be getting IP adress confliction between the bridge connections.

    Can somebody please suggest something?


  9. joe says:

    all i have is a ethernet cord….do i need a hub cause i dont know what that is

  10. Foeshigity says:

    its telling me that i can not create a bridger with an internet conetion being shared…..?

  11. Chris says:

    For those of you that are having problems with setting up the bridge, disable internet sharing on the lan port. after i did that windows let me bridge straight away…. now im getting an MTU error when i do a xbox live connection test… i dont even know what MTU is to be honest but the DNS and IP adress tests pass. ill google it i suppose

  12. Vista User says:

    I have a laptop with windows vista.  Can you tell me how to connect my laptop to it.  By the way, I don’t have a wireless card, just a connection to a linksys router.

  13. needslivebadly says:

    i seem o be having the same issue as abouve but i am not sure on the response on how to fix it , i create the bridge but my wireless network gets disconnect when i do so is there a step by step way to fix this i am using XP SP2 would be a major help if i could get a heads up on this thanks in advance

  14. jerome says:

    i  have xbox 360 ethernet to laptop xp which is wifi to linksys 54g router.

    wifi works great. from network panel, what do i config my LAN connection for xbox to: DHCP or STATIC?

    from laptop with crossover to xbox, what should my xbox be set to DHCP or static?

    do i need to brigde the two connections?

    do i need to avtivate or disable internet sharing?

  15. Justin says:

    i am having this same problem and its really frustrating. i have a dell desktop pc in my room with vista home basic, and its connected to a wireless adapter via usb, wich is connected to my wireless network. i want to connect my 360 to my desktops empty ethernet port and use xbox live. i have my connections bridged but my xbox doesnt pass ip test?? i need help please. thanx in advance 🙂

  16. Dan Burch says:


    "I have a laptop with windows vista.  Can you tell me how to connect my laptop to it.  By the way, I don’t have a wireless card, just a connection to a linksys router."

    if it is an actual router (not a wireless receiver) then you can just plug the xbox right into one of the 4 ports using a standard Ethernet cable.

  17. fafnair says:

    I just got a new vista laptop and i stumbled across this page seeing if the same thing i did in xp was possible in vista. There was a problem on xp but its solution was setting force combatability mode through dos and this can be done by typing netsh bridge(after you create the bridge) show adapter and it should show you your wireless and ethernet after that from the netsh bridge context type set adapter (insert your ethernet adapter number) e then do it again for your wireless. Now i am going off of about a year old memory of this situation so dont quote me but it should help those using xp. I was playing xbc just  fine from my neighbors router across the street.

  18. coopmcnasty says:

    can i close my laptop for this to still work ( it works so far) or will it disconnect me from live?

  19. matt says:

    I bridge the connections and try and connect my 360 to the internet but it canot get the IP and a notice comes up on my p.c saying there was an IP address conflict with another system on the network.

  20. erx says:

    hi, I am having a similar problem to some of these people, when I create a switch in my laptop to connect my wifi and wired ethernet I seem to lose wireless connection about every 2 minutes, its really annoying and for some reason the Wireless is turning itself completely off, maybe because it thinks the ethernet has superiority over it, but I do not know how to fix this.  I see alot of people are having similar problems, hope someone can help even a little.

  21. erx says:

    i’m sorry did i say switch, i meant bridge in my previous post

  22. ryan says:

    i am picking up my wireless internet from my neighbor and i cannot enable sharing how would i do that

  23. alex says:

    can I do this with out a hub or a switch

  24. # says:

    i have wifi on my laptop running xp and its on my network, but when i plug my 360 into my laptop internet is away!!!

    then the test on 360 says problem with i.p address plz help.

  25. dan says:

    i’m about to get a 360 nd instad of spending £50 on the wireless thing that you can by for the xbox, i wana know (in lamens terms if poss) how i can put my vista laptop to the xbox so i can use my wireless via my laptop to play on the internet with my xb360.

    Its a simple ask ?

    what cables do i need?

    and what do i need todo?

    thanks alot dan 🙂

  26. k7991 says:

    Would the cable that came with the XB360 Premium work as a Crossover (Direct connection from Xbox360 to Laptop)?

  27. anthony says:

    add me on please

    if u can help me would be a big pleasure

    in desprete need

  28. Zack says:

    I have gotten everything working (my laptop is on vista) and its working very nicely the only problem I am having is that I have a strict NAT type, when I had a wire connected from the xbox to the router it was open, but going through my laptops wireless connection seems to make it into a strict NAT.

    Could anyone tell me how to get it to be open again?

    It very hard getting into games with a strict NAT type.

    Email –

  29. Taimoor says:

    hey im taimoor! Hey suckas, i have  a 100 xbox 360s halo 3 ediitions, 200 80G Ps3s, and 500 Wiis, !! bet you fool are eating raw eggs now huh!! if you beg nicely, lick my shoes and send me $150 to the website mentioned above ill throw you dawgs a bone… Okay??

    Smell you later fools, im gonns  go break my extra Ps3s..

  30. dylan says:

    i have an acer and the control panel is a little different and i can’t figure out how to bridge the two connections.

  31. Jay says:

    how do i disable inernet sharing in the lan port?

  32. jcq4sure says:

    for ppl with windows vista trying to brigde wiresless from router not card. and ethernet. u need network connections dissable with ethernet to connect to internet. on properties. once u do that it will allow you to brigde connections. if u dont do this it say u need to have 2 lan lines to connect etc. play with it took me 2 days to figure it out but this site defenelty help thanks you all !!


  33. waldo says:

    Do you have to use a hub or a switch because I can bridge the two connection fine with out it unfortunatly it does not seem to work very well so I am not sure what to do. I would also like an explenation as to how I should do this

  34. Kelly says:

    Well, I made da connections brided and in my Network connections it says Network bride, is sows da Unideintefied and my wireless as Brided, i test my connection and yet it still fails on IP Adress, any ideas!?!?!? :*(***

    Broken letters F> and <J sorry

  35. Steve says:

    My friend had the same problem on his laptop with vista he was using a sprint aircard for his wireless internet and he was getting the IP conflict when trying to bridge the connections.  The problem he found was his firewalls were up he disabled the firewall on windows and on his virus protection.  Disabling both will enabled him to share connections with xbox freely.

  36. FreedomFIghters says:

    This won’t work for me. I’m using the ethernet cable that came with the 360… The one in the small orange bag. And once I bridge and the two connect, I can’t use the internet on my laptop.

  37. M-JO says:

    I am having the same problem as many here – once the connection between the Xbox and the Laptop is made, the laptop loses connectivity with the wireless router. If anyone has found a more detailed guide on how to troubleshoot this, and can post a link here, it would be greatly appreciated. I find some of the networking discussion here hard to follow, as I don’t know all the lingo (NAT, DHCP, etc.). I am OK with basic networking, but need it broken down a little more.

  38. Cristian says:

    I had the same issue if the router was set to use a fixed map of DHCP addresses. For some reason, the IP conflict was there and the router said that the MAC of the bridged connections on PC1 was the same as the MAC of the interface on PC2 .. ?!?!

    I just allowed the router to assign DHCP IPs freely and the problem dissappeared (still used a fixed set of MACs!)

  39. Shawn says:

    ok i have my 360 hooked straight into my laptop which has a built-it wireless reciever  that gets internet from my wireless router blah blah blah i bridged the connections and every time i connect to live it kicks me off every five minutes and i have to fix it. i went to local are connection properties and it said something about turning off the device automaticly to save power so i disabled it…but still nothing…help?

  40. tom says:

    how do i turn off internet connection sharing

  41. adam says:

    you solved my problem, bridge is the way to go!

    ICS sucks!

  42. ash says:

    hello there

    Sorry to repeat the same question as many people here – but the connection between my 360 and vista pc is really starting to frustrate me. Like most of the people posting here i connect to the internet on PC through a wireless connection and my 360 is connected to my pc via an ethernet cable.

    I ve tried using the ICS and this was working fine for a while – but then started disconnecting all the time, quite ofetn allowing me to play for about 10 mins then booting me out – i would also lose the connection on my pc and i could not reconnect without resetting everything!

    im now trying to network bridge but it gave me an error notice about conflicting IP addresses. My understanding is that the 360 and pc have the same ip address, but i am unsure of this! if this is the case how can i assign them individual ip addresses that will work?

    are there any firewall or security settings i need to disable in order to connect smoothly?

    one of the things that really frustrated me is that it did work fine originally – i played for hours using ICS, but the next time i turned on my pc it would not allow me to connect to the internet – even though the signal was fine! "failed for unknown reason" error would come up automatically.I had to disable the 360 in the network connections and disable internet sharing. it seems really hit and miss as to wheter the PC/360 "allow" me to connect. i realise this cannot be the case but thats the ways its feeling

    any help would be greatly appreciated and may even save the life of a 360

    many thanks


  43. brian says:

    i set it up through the laptop, but every time i go to test the connection the IP address fails… does anybody know how to fix this

  44. Marius says:

    Thank you so much this worked perfect for me

  45. Russ says:

    I think I may have found the solution for everyone that is getting randomly disconnected.  

    I was having this same problem until I did one thing.  I changed the channel on the router to channel 11 instead of the default, which is 6.  Channel 6 can get interference with things such as cordless phones and microwaves.  This interference won’t shut down your internet, but it can however make it hiccup.  Resulting in the random disconnects.

  46. ken says:

    im haveing trouble with this process…. everything works fine but when i connect through my latop my nat becomes strict and i cant play with some of my friends…when i connect it to my router downstairs thought a wire its open…is there anyway that i can open it using my laptop as the wireless connection….i have a windows xp laptop and a netgear router…please help!!!

  47. The Coldest says:

    This site will help you guy out

    My problem is that when I try and Sharing Media with the 360 and my PC I get the pc connection fail but everything is good. When I use the wire I don’t get the pc connection fail it works. any ideals

  48. humbug says:

    what happens when mtu fails and when your internet fails on your laptop is my laptops connection not strong enough or something i want know

  49. fagmuffin says:



  50. Ash says:

    Hi, I can not bridge my connections together for som reason. it is sying that I have to at least two LAN Coneections that are not being used by a internet sharing thing

    Can you help me

  51. Sebastuan says:

    Ok so my laptop had connmecion thsi morning.. but then i took the cable out about 3 hours later (now) it wont connect! my brother said he used sharing to connect.. and idk but everytime i use this step and select both it says, cannot bridge must have 2 or more links selected or sumthin… idk..

  52. Sebastuan says:

    Ok so my laptop had connmecion thsi morning.. but then i took the cable out about 3 hours later (now) it wont connect! my brother said he used sharing to connect.. and idk but everytime i use this step and select both it says, cannot bridge must have 2 or more links selected or sumthin… idk..

  53. isaiah says:

    My bro does this with a laptop and it works but can I use this with a wireless computer?? A computer with a wireless adapter

  54. Tucker says:

    hi, i need to know WHAT IS A HUB OR SWITCH!?!?!?!?!?!

  55. Confused says:

    I’m running Vista on my laptop. I had bridged my LAN and wireless connections fine and it worked for about a month. Suddenly now after having used it fine for a month, the xbox says "disconnected from xbox live" every 20 minutes. I still have internet on my laptop, and the network connections window says the bridge is working. Anyone know what’s up? Thanks much!

  56. Rob says:

    I have been able to connect fine. However downloading updates for XBOX live is a problem. Any ideas?

  57. Ghost says:

    i am having ip connections problem as well and my connections say limited access and taimoor your a retard!!

  58. Dave says:

    This process has worked for me. There are two ways to use ur laptop as a wireless receiver. U can attach an ethernet cord from ur laptop to ur xbox, and in the settings for ur wireless connection under "netowrk settings" click the box "allow other computers to access the internet through this computer. The problem i encountered with this is that after I shut my xbox off, in order for it to get back onto the internet, i had to restart my computer, then x box, which can be a hassle everyime…. The second one is not have that same box checked… highlight both ur LAN connection and wireless connection, right click, and ask windows to bridge the connection. Works for me.

  59. www says:

    wow, this is the first guide that actually helped me out

    all i had to do was update through the marketplace and i was set.

  60. Cel says:

    I just wanted to say thank you, your guide helped me out; I was struggling to get online for some odd reason ofter the major "Xbox Live Experience" Update. Thanks 🙂

  61. thanks alot.. not says:

    why doesn’t anyone ever answer questions about ip conflict?

  62. Steve says:

    How do you bridge two connections, i have a HP Laptop

  63. aaron says:

    "he’s the kind of smartypants who makes his own crossover cables."

    haha it takes like 5 seconds and the rj crimp is cheap. if you need specific lengths of cable to keep everything neat an clean i reccomend it. the back of the box even tells you what pins to put what wires into

  64. jeremiah says:

    have to disconnect wireless connection and turn OFF internet connection sharing to bridge the two. works a champ now. Well havent tried streaming yet through media center but thats next. And yes router must be set to channel 11 to fix interuption of internet access.

  65. SMD says:

    Everyones begging for an answer shut up.

  66. tyrone says:

    how is it possible to connect my new laptop which has vista premium and 3g broadband vodafone dongle to the web??

  67. xSpartanLazerx says:

    Hey, this is going to be a piece of pie…err, cake!  I have:

    1 Linksys hub

    2 Ethernet cables

    1 Laptop


    1 Xbox 360!  This should work just fine!

    Oh, and a Belkin router 😀


  68. xbox 360 networking with my laptop says:

    i have hp notebook laptop and i have wireless as well as a lan hook up      and the way i had to do it is call my isp provider and get my dns and ip that they use because a router provides you with one it creates for you the i went in to my LAN properties and went to my ipv4 or some might use ipv6 and set my laptop to yous the ip and dns that i got from my isp and left the xbox to auto config i steal get a unidentified network showing on my laptop box my xbox 360 test fine and i plat COD2 no problem

  69. gen says:

    i have a sprint wireless aircard and can get through all the steps to bridge connections, but when my son turns on the xbox, the sprint aircard turns off.  any suggestions?

  70. SH4DOWTROOP3R says:

    Alright here’s the deal.. The only hub i have is routing wireless internet through out the house. (other end of the house)

    XBOX === Cat5 Crossover Cable === Laptop.  

    Why would this configuration not work without a hub or switch?

  71. jose florres says:

    dos your xbox360 as to be turn of

  72. billey flax says:

    how to git  Network Connections setings

  73. david hunt says:

    help please? i have a dell note book with windows xp, and mobile broadband dongle with vodaphone, i have conected the cable from the xbox to the laptop but it shows failed conection everytime i test, does anyone know how to make this work?? it may be simple but i am a computer retard!

  74. Matt Schoemaker says:

    Help please? I am trying to do this but I am on windows 7 and cannot find a bridge connection anywhere under Network and Internet where all that posted above should be. Can someone help with this please?

  75. Chaonm says:

    If you want to connect your Xbox to your laptop to use its wireless then check out this site    another option i found out you can do if the bridgeing gives you problems is to go to your Wireless options on your laptop and go to some of its options and set it to connection sharing, this option is in Vista systems and up tho.

  76. xino says:


    it works, but I don’t think you are using VISTA, because it’s really hard to get to Properties, also you don’t even need to merge connections:/

    Yes I’m connected successful, but this isn’t wireless, because I’m still using wire to connect.

    Although it’s PERFECT for people with laptop, because they can connect anywhere in the house.

  77. Giovanni says:

    im using a WIRELESS connection on my laptop (my modem is broken and i dont have a router) so what can i basicly do connecting to wireless on my laptop without modem or router? because it doesnt have ICS for me nor i cannot bridge. Help?

  78. dan says:

    remove the firewall on your lan network

  79. cole says:

    you cant let the computer lock..because it quits the about every 10 minutes move the mouse around

  80. alterseekers says:

    This is such an easy tutorial to follow. Thanks for this. But if this doesn't work for you, there's still one alternative you can do. You can make use of Netgear's Xbox 360 Internet Connection Kit. This wonderful device acts the same way as the WiFi adapter giving wireless internet connectivity for your Xbox 360, and it also works for your PS2, PS3, and PC gaming. Check this link out:, for more information about this wonderful product from Netgear.

  81. Need answers. says:

    My dumb ass cousins did this to my Dell Laptop and now the interent won't go through the laptop. It just says Unidentifited Netwrk. Please help as soon as possible.

  82. wireless internet access says:

    With increasing dependability over the internet, every one is looking for the most reliable Broadband internet connection. Airtel Broadband internet connection is the most preferred internet access solution because it is being offered by Bharti Airtel Limited, undisputed leader of telecom sector. Like other services of Bharti group, Airtel Broadband internet connection also offers many extra features being anticipated by the people who trust our capabilities.

  83. David Christie says:

    Great post, I had been having problems connecting my Xbox 360, followed your instructions and Bingo. Many thanks

  84. Scott says:

    Hey thanks a lot this seemed to work, also if you go by the first method you won't need a hub.  At least not for a pc, i have ethernet cord running from my PC to my Xbox and it's doing an update for xbox.

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