Reporting from 3rd Annual Tampa Code Camp

I'm at the Tampa Code Camp in St. Pete today with Joe Healy and Russ Fustino and we are having a great time! The topics include SQL Server, VSTA, VSTO, Vista, .NET, Orcas, VS 2008, BI, ... The list goes on; there is so much content to geek out on.

So far my favorite session is David Silverlight's ... er... Silverlight presentation (yes, Silverlight is indeed named after him as gratitude for his deep involvement in building developer communities). Good stuff... The facilities here at St. Pete College are phenomenal - high-tech, very creative rooms, big TVs, the whole works. Kudos to everyone involved in putting this together.

I'll definitely be coming to more code camps. This is a blast so far. Can't wait for the afterparty 🙂

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