Imagine Cup 2008 Team Blogger

A student from a New Jersey Imagine Cup team is blogging about his experiences in this very important global competition. If you are interested in seeing what life is like competing in the Imagine Cup, check it out here!


Robotics and .NET Fundamentals Series

Hi there. I just posted quite a lot of video content for students and enthusiasts looking to learn Robotics Studio, a free tool from Microsoft that makes robotics fun and easy (even if you don’t have a robot). You can view supporting material here. Here is a brief index of the content. Enjoy and comment!…


Robotics and .NET Fundamentals – Part 5 of 5

In this final installment of the series, we will build on Part 4’s VPL project, but we will add a greater degree of autonomy to the robot by making it somewhat smart. When it encounters a wall, it will back up and turn around without any input from us, using the bumper sensors on the…


Robotics and .NET Fundamentals – Part 4

In stark contrast to Part 3, in this segment we’ll be using Microsoft Robotics Studio (download) and VPL (included with MSRS).  We find that we can accomplish far more with far less (in fact, we don’t actually write code in this one, but we get the robot to drive by wire!)   Share this post…


Robotics and .NET Fundamentals – Part 3

In this installment, we’ll build on what we learned in Part 2 by adding Bluetooth connectivity and introducing scripting. This will allow the robot to move in a square on a wireless whim! Enjoy.   Share this post :


Robotics and .NET Fundamentals Series – Part 2

(link to part 1) In this video, we’ll learn how to connect to the iRobot Create over a serial connection (if I can find one on my laptop, that is). We’ll use Visual C# Express (download) to send bytes over the wire to the robot to make it sing a song for us. Share this…


Robotics and .NET Fundamentals Series – Part 1

This is the inaugural post of my five-part series on beginner robotics in .NET! You can download the source and other resources from here. Enjoy! Share this post :


Upcoming Video Series on Robotics and MSRS

Watch this blog for a five-part video series on (very basic) robotics for students (or enthusiasts of any kind, really). The series uses the iRobot Create as the robot of choice, but for the lessons using MSRS and VPL you can actually simulate the Create if you don’t actually have one. Here is a topical…


Live Search and Image Processing

New innovations in search are being made every day – so many, in fact, that I seem to miss out on most of the news about the great new features. One such feature that missed my radar is the facial recognition filters. If you go to Live Search Images and search for Jimi Hendrix, you’ll…


XNA Game Studio 2.0 Released!

Woot! The moment you’ve all been waiting for is upon us. XNA GSE 2.0 has been released with some killer new features. Paraphrasing the official announcement from the XNA team: Networking Support over Xbox 360 and Windows using LIVE. Support for all Visual Studio 2005 SKUs (Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Team Suite, etc) Improved Xbox 360…