Unifying touch and mouse: how Pointer Events will make cross-browsers touch support easy

I often get questions from developers like, “with so many touch-enabled devices on phones and tablets, where do I start?” and “what is the easiest way to build for touch-input?” Short answer: “It’s complex.” Surely there’s a more unified way to handle multi-touch input on the web – in modern, touch-enabled browsers or as a…


HTML5 Gaming: benchmarking your sprites animations to target all devices & browsers

While meeting some game studios, I often have the same question coming over and over: if I’m writing/porting my game in HTML5, will it run well on the various targeted devices? Will it be playable or will the gameplay suffer too much? To answer to that question, I often use my own experience based on…


Introduction aux Pointer Events ou comment simplifier l’usage du tactile dans vos sites web pour tous les navigateurs

Aujourd’hui, la gestion du tactile (ou « touch » en anglais) est devenu obligatoire sur vos sites web. C’est un passage obligé si vous voulez que votre site soit bien adapté aux nombreux périphériques tactiles du marché : tablettes, smartphones et la panoplie de nouveaux PC tactiles. Ce n’est pas pour autant quelque chose de…


Coding4fun: the Star Wars intro in pure CSS3 thanks to 3D transform & animations

During the French Microsoft Techdays that occurred from the 12th to the 14th of February 2013, I’ve built a fun & stupid demo to start the Coding4Fun session. The idea was to rebuild the famous StarWars intro with the 3D scrolling text and the slide down effect with a star destroyer ship coming at the…


Creating an universal virtual touch joystick working for all Touch models thanks to Hand.JS

I’m currently working on several gaming projects for modern browsers and Windows 8 Store projects. Some of them are using HTML5 as a base in order to simplify multi-devices targeting. I was then looking for a unified way to address all inputs on all platforms: Windows 8/RT, Windows Phone 8, iPad, Android & FirefoxOS. As…


Everything you need to know to build HTML5 games with Canvas & SVG

Agenda: – Canvas & SVG: 2 ways to draw on the screen – Useful libraries & tools – Some gaming frameworks – Some beginners’ tutorials – Some interesting online working games & experience feedbacks I’m currently spending most of my time explaining to students, hobbyists, professional developers and teachers how to build games using HTML5….


Tester et déboguer les Touch Events d’IE10 et votre Responsive Web Design grâce au simulateur de Windows 8 et VS 2012

Je suis en train de travailler sur des projets utilisant les Touch Events d’IE10 ces derniers temps. Aussi, même si j’ai la chance et le privilège d’avoir une tablette Windows 8 à disposition, je cherchais un moyen plus simple d’effectuer des tests au touch. En tout cas, je voulais surtout éviter de passer ma vie…