Reporting Services: Questions Answered: FAQ

Here is a  general FAQ about reporting services. To get an idea of different configurations.  Use the below link:

Reporting Services: Can I use NT authentication for my reports?

Question: What about authentication issues. When the user jumps from our application to the reporting server application does he have to be re-authenticated or is there a way out where the credentials can be picked up form the environment. We are using Windows NT based security where the user is verified against his domain information…

In Reporting Services, how can I post to reports to multiple Environments?

When you create your reports in Visual Studio, you have multiple solution configurations available.– Debug Local — Allows for debugging against your local machine– Debug — Allows for debugging and deploying into a test environment.– Production — Allows for deploying to a production environment. This configuration allows for youi to use multiple staging areas for…

Can I use the MS Office Web Component – Pivot Table to deliver SQL Server data.

Yes, in reporting services, “HTML with Office Web Components” on of the options for exporting reports will utilize and create pivot tables automatically. To find more information: