Wow, Am I lost? But Found Again – Avalon

Well, everyone it has been a while since I have blogged.  I have not forgotten how.  I just have been extremely busy.  Have you gone out to the site?  That  was a project that I was working on.  The is part of the reason for not blogging becuase I could not tell you about it until it was public.  Take a look I know that you will like it.

Current Stuff:  So I am done with that.  Have you seen  That is another team with my group's work.  So you are probably wondering what am I doing now. Well, I am working on creating WinFx clients and components.  I am going to start sharing some of my experiences with WinFX (Avalon).  I know that one of my stumbling block with such a new technology is that some of the examples are limited.  I have put together a medium size application utilizing many new features and concepts.  I will share some of what I have done in small pieces. 

Here are some great resources for you get started with Avalon:

Get the bit from here:

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