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Geek Speak – Useful functions

I would like to share some useful functions for you to use.  This is part of an application that I will eventually share when I get it completed.  In my last post, I showed how to create a FlowDocument from HTML, well I put that code into a function.  The other function, takes a URL…


Geek Speak – Converting HTML to XAML

Well, I have been playing with Avalon for a bit.  One of the things that I have been playing with is a RSS viewer,  just a little hobby.  Viewing blogs were not difficult, but the displaying of the HTML from the RSS is where the problems start.  But what you really need to do is…


Wow, Am I lost? But Found Again – Avalon

Well, everyone it has been a while since I have blogged.  I have not forgotten how.  I just have been extremely busy.  Have you gone out to the site?  That  was a project that I was working on.  The is part of the reason for not blogging becuase I could not tell you about…