Geek Speak: Team System Installation Error? ( Don’t Rename your Machine!!) but if you need to.

Just in case you ever do what I did during my installation.  You are thinking, why would you ever do something like that.  Well, I had a machine conflict on my network, who would guess!!  Well, I had to rename my machine and sure enough. VSTF did not work!!  I did what any sane person would do.  Uninstll, VSTF, Sharepoint and SQL to clean up what I did.  Well before you do all of that, you may want to try this.
(Note: TF30076 Server Name provided does not correspond to a server URI that can be found , is not the title of the error that I received, but the fix is there. )

Well, to make a long story short.  I re-installed everthing, but TFS had issues at the very end.  It was 99.9% complete and I did not want to start over.  It will tell you that the Event Services are not available.  I checked everthing and IIS was running correctly.  The issue is that the registry, still had references to my old machine name, which is what it was using to reference the web services. 

If you do the following and replace your machine name and reference to your TFS server and everthing should be ok.

1. Type regedit on the command prompt
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER node. Expand that
3. Under that expand the Software node
4. Under that expand the Microsoft node
5. Under that expand the Visual Studio node
6. Under that expand the 8.0 node
7. Under that expand the Team Foundation node
8. Under that expand the Servers node

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