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Well, as  you know, I have moved to Redmond.  I have have been here for just 6 weeks.  I have not blogged as much, but I am starting to catch up.  So here is what has been going on.  I started a new team.  I am working on the next version of GotDotNet Workspaces( ).  Since I am now at Redmond and a full time coder, does not mean that you will not see me in the community and asking for your feedback on things.  It just means that you will be seeing more of me in various ways. 

AdvI moved to Redmond, from League City, TX, which is between Houston and Galveston.  It is very hot and humid much of the year.  The weather here the NorthWest is wonderful!!!  My kids love the weather for soccer, they don’t have to woory about playing in 100 degree weather and sweating like pigs.  In exchange, we will have snow and rain for winter time.  But I do get to go on hikes and have view like this on the left.

Just to let you know that I have not been bored, I have make a trip to visit the VSTS team on the East coast and a trip to Calgary Canada to visit vendors with a splash of coding.  My new passions is VSTS and Avalon.  I will be showing some screen shots and other stuff with how you can put together some of your own Avalon applications and create some really cool stuff.

Here is some places to get started with Avalon.

Avalon Home
Avalon Newsgroup

Who do you work with?

Betsy Aoki ( My office mate )
Jim Newkirk
Korby Parnell
Sandy Khaund


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  1. Paul Murphy says:

    Sounds like things are going well, nice work!

  2. Just nice to know my US counterpart from the American branch of the Cornish Waddleton family traceable back to the eighteenth century? has as interesting a job as I

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