Geek Speak: TechEd 2005 – Orlando

I am already blogging about TechEd.  But wait, am I at TechEd already, no!  I will be at the airport for a 7:10 am flight to Orlando so that I can help setup the Hands On Lab machines.  When you go, I created the landing page screen for the Hands On Labs, and before you ask, I didn’t say that they were pretty!!!  But is really so special about the Hands on Labs?  There are roughly 8 banks of machines with 100 machines in each bank!!! WOW 800 machines for you do to do Hands on Labs, now that is a lot of machines!!!

If you don’t see me around there, I will be working in the SQL Server 2005 area, or you will see me on the bus.  Did I just say the bus? Yes, the Microsoft Across America bus will be at TechEd.  This is my team’s special RV bus full of technology with wheels!!!

See you there!! look me up I will be around!


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  1. renee rieser says:

    The bus is here? Will you be giving tours?

    If so, when and where!

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