.NET User Groups of Texas — Coding Olympics

The .NET User Groups of Texas are holding a contest to see who can code the coolest .NET application.

Contest Submission Dates: 4 /1/2005 to 5/31/2005

Official Contest Web Site: http://www.dotnetolympics.org

What can you find at the Contest Web Site? You will find the latest information regarding the contest: updates, rules, FAQ, prizes, participating user groups, and contest sponsors.

Why are the .NET User Groups of Texas doing this? For fun, what else? Oh yeah, and to see what really cool things you can do with .NET. The goal is to develop the coolest .NET application ... any platform applies. How can they do this? Because the judging is based on creativity and the basics of good programming not just platform.

There will be 3 rounds of judging. The first round will select the 15 best applications from those submitted. The second round will select the 5 best applications from the first round of judging. The final round will select the winner of the biggest baddest .NET application in Texas. Final round judging will be tough as that round will only be judged by our Microsoft friends and a mystery celebrity judge.

Don't have time to write an application for submission? No problem, you can be a judge for the first round. Judging will be done remotely anyway.

What do you win? Braggin' rights!! Oh, yeah Visual Studio 2005 Professional and a laptop or tablet PC. If you don't win, no sweat. It's fun to play and we'll give ya'll a little something for your time. All contestants and judges will get a Prize Pack just for participating.

You may already have a slew of questions about the rules.

If you have any questions about the contest that isn't covered in the rules, check out our FAQ. We will try to post as many questions/answers on the FAQ as we can. If something still isn't covered or you just want to give us some feedback, send us a quick email at contest@hdnug.org.

We also have blogs and forums at the Contest Community Web Site: http://www.dotnetolympics.com.

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