Geek Speak: It’s MY WEEK!! WebCasts!!! Debugging and Tweaking Week

Wednesday -- Visual Studio 2005 Debugging Enhancements

Regardless of how advanced your programming skills are or how many flashy tools are available in your toolbox, you will always need to jump into the debugger at some point in the process to see what is going wrong. Learn about the host of new goodies in Visual Studio 2005 that can make the debugging process more productive and efficient for everyone. We will discuss a wide range of tools and techniques including generics, anonymous methods in C#, Master Pages in ASP.NET, and many of the new controls in Windows Forms, to name just a few. 

Thursday -- How Optimized is Your Data?

This session examines proven strategies to help you design and develop scalable data access solutions. Learn valuable techniques you can use to optimize stored procedure calls, reduce dataset serialization cost, manage transactions, and page through large result sets. We will also demonstrate effective ways to improve the performance and scalability of SQL Server

Friday -- Test Driven Development with Visual Studio 2005

This session highlights two useful features in Visual Studio 2005 that help developers improve the performance and quality of their software. Learn how the built-in profiler monitors the execution of a running program and generates detailed reports on the application's behavior that can be used to identify those bottlenecks that most affect the program's performance. We will also show how to take advantage of the support for test-driven development in Visual Studio 2005 to ensure that you are preserving the integrity of your existing code as you enhance or extend your solutions.


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