Geek Speak: You just have to wonder?

I picked up my car at Houston IAH airport and this is what I get.  I get in my car and everthing is turned upside down.  Receipts, change and my coffee cup, which has some coffee in it!!.

 Someone decided that I didn't need what I had in my car. Well what a surpise for them!!  I didn't have anything except $5.00 in change! My car is 10 years old, factory stereo and everthing.  It is totally a granny car, but the damage done is going to cost around $1000 just to fix it.  It was done by a total amateur, so if you are reading this and you did this to my car, I hope that you get caught!!!



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  1. Glen says:

    Ouch. Usually a beat up car is a break-in deterrent. Sorry about that

  2. =( sorry. I feel your pain. That’s happened to me before too.

  3. David says:

    I had a similar story just as funny…..

    My central locking played up and I could not lock my drivers side door. So I had been leaving it in the streat (on street parking) for about 1 month when guess what happened?

    Someone "broke into my car". But not by walking to the drivers side door and opening it….They crowbared open the passenger side door to see if I had any CDs (etc) in the glove box…..So when I saw what they had done, I just laughed that it would be been:

    a) Easier

    b) Saved me $1000

    if they just walked to the other side of the car and opened the "unlocked door".

  4. Jacob says:

    Just make sure to have all of the upholstery cleaned thoroughly. I’ve heard that unlocked cars often seem to be confused for port-a-johns.

  5. Paul Murphy says:

    I think we should send Stagner on a reconnaissance mission to find him / her and hack their computer.

  6. Well, There has been some funny stories. I am going to get the car fixed so that I don’t have issues. It did by the way wait until I got home to rain for a few days, too.

  7. Casey says:

    David, to hear about that. I learned my lesson several years ago. I put in a fancy sound system in my truck and the same nite it was stolen. Now I’m totally satisfied with a fctory sound system.

  8. Jason Coyne says:

    Please dont post full size images in your blog

    It can take a long time to download on slower connections, and some blog aggregators (like bloglines for example) do not honor your sizing request. This image screwed up the horizaontal scrolling for the 200 or so blog posts before and after yours.


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