HDNUG User Group Meeting: XML Data Type in Yukon

Feature Presentation: XML Data Type in Yukon by Christoph Schittko

Abstract: XML is the primary data exchange format in the industry. More and more applications, ranging from big enterprise applications like Siebel all the way to desktop applications like Microsoft Office, are embracing XML to share their data with other applications. With the constantly increasing availability of XML formatted data comes the need for storing data efficiently and making it available to other applications. SQL Server 2005 introduces an XML data type to address this need. This presentation will discuss the capabilities of the XML datatype to store XML data, and validate it against schemas. We will also take a look at SQL Server's support for indexing XML columns for fast searches within stored documents and retrieving them. The presentation will also demonstrate programmable support of the new datatype, based on the W3C XQuery standard, within SQL, stored procedures, and through SQLCLR.

Tip-n-Trick: Developing InfoPath forms with .NET by Ben Levy

InfoPath 2003 is an great tool for data collection. With the InfoPath Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET you can create managed code InfoPath forms. We will cover requirements, configuration, and a quick demonstration of managed code development.

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