Geek Speak: Houston C# SIG – Talk about Team System

Hey All,

I will be speaking at the Hal-PC C# Sig meeting about Team System, a Technical Tour:

Visual Studio Team System aims to solve the problems facing every enterprise-level team and helps increase the predictability of success. Team System extends Visual Studio from simply a tool for writing and debugging .NET code into a set of deeply integrated tools that support the complete software development lifecycle. All formal roles are called out from manager to architect, developer and tester. This session will detail an end-to-end lifecycle scenario that not only demonstrates major components of Team System, but also illustrates the value of having a customizable integrated process in breaking down information silos and providing friction-free flow of data between team roles.

Meeting Location:
 HALPC Headquarters 4543 Post Oak Place, Suite 200, Houston, Texas

Date: 1/12/2005
Time:  @ 7 PM

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  1. Scott says:

    Was this today? I’m going to be in Houston at the end of this month, 1/2 on business and 1/2 on visiting with my in-laws. How often does the C# SIG meet?

  2. David Waddleton says:

    I am sorry for the confusion, They meet on Wednesday, this meeting is on 1/12/2005.

    Here is their site:

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