Geek Speak: GotDotNet Happy Birthday

The Gotdotnet team is throwing a Birthday Party and all Gotdotnet users are invited! The party will occur at the Microsoft Visitor Center this Friday, November 18, 2005 between 6PM and 10PM. For more event details, see or visit the Gotdotnet homepage.


Geek Speak: Cool Stuff in spare time? Window Media Encoder SDK

Well, I have a little spare time.  Between moving boxes and my kids soccer, so you know I don’t have that much.  Well I have XM Radio and I just love it.  Well, becuase of where I live and Seattle area, traffic.  The trees get in the way when I am driving.  I am discovered…


Geek Speak: Adventure

Well, as  you know, I have moved to Redmond.  I have have been here for just 6 weeks.  I have not blogged as much, but I am starting to catch up.  So here is what has been going on.  I started a new team.  I am working on the next version of GotDotNet Workspaces( ). …


Geek Speak: Testing Tip with VSTS

Situation:  I am testing some code that had a constructor that using the configuration file. public XmlBase() { if (ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings != null) { connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“dbConnectionString”].ConnectionString; con = new SqlConnection(connectionString); } } While testing it may seem that you need to override the constructorto pass in some other information for testing. But, with VSTS youyou…


WebParts Webcast Code

Sorry for the late entry.  I am in the middle of moving to Redmond.  The packers are here  and they have in a day packed my house and I am amazed.  Three guys in half a day packed all of the inside of my house.  Truly amazing!!!   Here is the code: WebPart Code  …


Geek Speak: Moving to Redmond

Hey, Well, I will blogging about different stuff.  I am officially moving to a new job.  I am going to be the new Developer Lead over GotDotNet. ( So what does that really mean?  I will be managing a group of developers, but I still get to get my hands dirty.  I am going to…


Geek Speak: TechEd 2005 – Orlando

I am already blogging about TechEd.  But wait, am I at TechEd already, no!  I will be at the airport for a 7:10 am flight to Orlando so that I can help setup the Hands On Lab machines.  When you go, I created the landing page screen for the Hands On Labs, and before you…


Geek Speak: Game Developement in .NET?

If you have always wanted to write a game, and you are not a C/C++ guru and you just love .NET well you have come to the right place.  It is very easy to get started writting your first game. “Did he just say EASY?”, yes, I did. is where you can get the latest DirectX…


SQL Server 2005/Visual Studio 2005/BizTalk 2006 Connected Systems Developer Competition

Do You Dare? Show the world what a great developer you are and have the chance to win $50,000 USD and a trip to the joint SQL Server 2005/Visual Studio 2005/Biztalk 2006 Launch event The Connected Systems Developer Competition has now launched. If you are a developer who uses or needs an excuse to use SQL…


Geek Speak: My son and Baseball

Well my son has just finished his baseball season, this is his first year playing.  Well my son started off the season, by getting hit in the mouth the first game and went to the emergency room.  Everyone thought that he would quit playing, but he played every game afterwards.  My son is playing Dixie…