Geek Speak: Time for Toys

Well, now is that time that you have the choice to either take time off and play with your toys from Christmas or go back to work and be responsible.  I am doing both. Here is what Santa got for me Portable screen for my XBOX Star Wars DVD set Andromeda DVD Set 1.1 Lord…


Geek Speak: Touring Southern Lousiana Next Week

Hi everyone, I will be in the following places next week:  1/4 Baton Rouge (use the link to Register)           Theater – United Artist Citiplace 11            2610 Citiplace Drive           Baton Rouge Louisiana 70808 NOTE: The will be a Geek Speak: LoadFest, bring your laptops  1/6 New Orleans (use the link to Register)          Theater-AMC Elmwood Palace 20 Harrahan           1200…


Geek Speak: Infopath SP1 Resources

InfoPath™ Solutions with SP1 and VS .NET   InfoPath 2003 Home Page (where you can download SP1 and the InfoPath Toolkit) InfoPath 2003 Training (16 walkthroughs to jumpstart your InfoPath skills) InfoPath Team Blog


Geek Speak: Compact Framework Code

Here is the code from today’s WebCast on the Compact Framework. Sample Code Book: “.Net Compact Framework Programming with VB.NET ” .NET Compact Framework MSDN Site SQL Server CE Site


Geek Speak: Can I use the Membership and Personalization in .NET Framework 1.1?

YES!!!! The Microsoft ASP.NET v1.1 Membership Management Component Prototype contains classes that allow a developer to more easily authenticate users, authorize users, and store per-user property data in a user profile. The authentication feature validates and stores user credentials which a developer can use to manage user authentication on a web site. The authorization feature…


Finally Home

Well, I have been traveling for weeks!!! and I am finally home.  I would like to thank everyone who showed up at the show in New Mexico and El Paso.