Geek Speak: 64 Bit Tour

Windows 64-bit Hands-On Training

·         Three days of intense hands-on training on 64-bit migration, 12 sessions, 36 hours of training

·         Individual access to 64-bit HP Integrity and ProLiant servers or workstation equipped with 6-8 gigabytes

·         Covers all the technologies on how to exploit 64-bit platform to maximize performance and scalability

·         Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP tracks

Windows 64-bit Compatibility Workshop

·         One day of training to test compatibility with Windows on 64-bit processors

·         How to run existing 32-bit code without modification

·         When and how to migrate code to 64-bit

·         Test drive compatibility of both Itanium 2 and Xeon EM64T processors

Our goal is to get over 200 native 64-bit applications in 2005 and over 500 applications "compatible" with Windows 64-bit. If you want to get the complete details on Route64 and would like to check the schedule and agenda, please go to the web site:

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