Geek Speak: Friend or Foe?

For the three people who won Halo 2 Limited Edition XBOX Games, I have them.  This is my tale about how I got them.  So as a good person that I am , I pre-ordered 3 copies of Halo 2 Limited Edition early, so that I could just show up at the store.  Well that is what I thought.  I was thinking that I was safe, becuase I was traveling to Redmond on the day of the launch, Nov 9th.  So I figured that I could just pick them up at the Company Store.

Well, I show up and there are boxes and boxes of Halo2 and I missed the crowds that wrapped around the building, so I think that everthing is great.  Well, the store does not carry the limited edition, and I have to go to my original store to pickup my copies, which in 1000+ miles away in Webster,TX.  So I have to wait until I get back.  I get back and go to the store and give them my pre-order slips and they don't have any!!!!   Now I am really starting to get upset, becuase I wait late enough that there should be some,  The computer, the holy grail  of items, states that there are 6 copies left in the store. 

Hmm well you have to start wondering where they are?  The manager starts running around looking in the back after, I stand firm and tell her that she needs to check the back.  They go looking around some more and I decide that I am going to get my dad the XM Roady2, with the built-in FM Modulator and of course a Halo 2 Guide.

She starts telling me the other store has some copies and then looks some more, and WOW, two copies just happen to show up.  Then I look at her and say, I have three on pre-order and in less then 30 seconds, she goes behind a wall and another copy shows up! Hmmm, makes you wonder, what employee just got their copy of Halo 2 taken so that I can get mine for my attendees?

FYI, I was wearing my DevDays 2004 SPEAKER shirt.  I wonder if that had any influence on the employee?

Well, I got what I needed, but as I was leaving, another customer was bitching up a storm becuase she did the same thing that I did, wait to get their copies of Halo 2, and the customer was yelling for the manager.

There is my tale. What do you think?

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  1. anonymouse says:

    The game is well worth your tribulations!


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