Want to work on the best team at Microsoft?

No offense to my Microsoft counterparts, but the Developer Evangelist team is the place to be for an outgoing, quirky, passionate, developer with deep technical knowledge and strong presentation skills. I'd like to announce an opening on this team in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Click here for the official job posting and pass this post around.

Now, for the stuff I didn't put in the job posting...

The last person we brought on to the team was Rory Blyth who says, "I feel like my job is better than Bill Gates'!"  While you won't get quite the same pay check as Mr Gates, there is tremendous opportunity to have a blast in this role.

This job allows you to present to thousands of developers, interact with User Groups, form new .NET User Groups, present with executives, stay current on the latest technologies, attend conferences (TechEd, PDC, BorCon, all of our internal training, etc.), and make a decent buck along the way.

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