Geek Speak: Special Event: Houston 11/4/2004

The Houston MSDN event will truly be LIVE!!!  You will need to attend to see what I mean.
To Register:

Date: 11/4/2004 1pm - 5pm
Location:    Theater-Willowbrook 24 
                 17145 Tomball Parkway
                 Houston Texas 77064

Upon completion of this program, your developer will have a strong command of the following:

  • What OOP means specifically to their projects
  • The characteristics of a reusable object
  • How to use information hiding, so that other developers using their objects see only what is appropriate
  • Optimization techniques for ASP.NET applications
  • Differences among the various caching techniques and how they affect performance
  • Creating and running performance tests using Application Center Test
  • Optimizing data access for applications
  • How to utilize the new ASP.NET 2.0 membership controls and personalization API
  • Selecting appropriate controls to change an ASP.NET page based on the user’s role
  • Adding profiles with the Web administration tool and accessing stored profiles
  • Allowing Web site users to have a customized view of your application’s content
  • How to add high-quality maps, driving directions, proximity searches, distance calculations, points of interest and other location-based information to their Web sites and applications
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