Geek Speak: InfoPath (Cool Stuff!!!)

I had to create a form for another team member last week.  I was trying to determine how I could create a form based application quickly.  This application needed to be able to be off-line and on-line. We were also needing to have to data available for reporting. 

Well, I chose InfoPath for my solution.  It was easy!!! I was able to create my application with no code and apply business rules in a couple of hours. Yes that is correct, 2 Hours!!!!!.   It turned out so easy.  I intergrated my InfoPath form with SharePoint.  I incorporated a list for a dropdown list as a data source and then created a Form Library to save the results.  The new Office Service Pack 1 features, really makes InfoPath a great product.  It even supports using managed code (.NET) for your forms.

You should really take a look at this product.  To get a live view, attend a MSDN Live event to get more details: for more information.

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