Killer Demos for Developers – MSDN Events (Geek Speak)

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We've cut 90% of the slides out from the decks and converted our seminars to
an 80% demo, 20% slide model. Our team will be delivering a free afternoon
session covering these topics in August and September nationwide:

  • Building Custom Controls with ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • Writing .NET code for InfoPath with VisualStudio.NET
  • And more (must come to see)!

Don't forget - each attendee will receive a DVD with VS.NET 2005 Beta
, several express beta products, controls
from Infragistics
, downloaded webcasts, and the full
patterns and practices CD! Plus a nice T-Shirt and plenty of

Visit href="">
to register (registration starts mid-July)!

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