Upgrading a Mac Air with Windows 7– is it worth it?

I’m lucky, I have a few machines I use for work and for home. When I was a kid the Mattel Aquarius was an amazement. Later the Commodore 64 a dream, and writing space invaders on Acorn and RM Nimbus machines was a breeze. As developed from X-Windows, to Sun to various Windows platforms and…


The last Windows largely deployed?

Every now again I find James Gardner’s blog posts insightful and provocative. The recent post The last Windows ever  is the latest in a running line of doom mongering for Windows. Since I’ve been working now with Windows Azure,  some say is a new Windows Operating System in the cloud, the brand Windows has become…


Windows 7 Tweetup in Sydney on March 30th

The consumer team is hosting a Windows 7 Tweetup in Sydney on March 30th. Might be worth it cos Kordahi is there…. A tweetup is, apparently, an organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter!


Windows 7 Themes

new Windows 7 Themes now available here


HP Envy

As many of my colleagues rib me about, I do like the Apple Hardware. Today we at Microsoft in Sydney had a bit of a look at many OEM Windows 7 devices pre-launch. The first I came to was the HP Envy, notable not only for its strikingly Mac like features (I’m a big fan…


Customize the Windows 7 Logon Screen and other quick tips

Customise the log-on screens in Windows 7 by using this ‘how-to’ guide. Also I found out how to add your own channel logos to Media Center on Windows 7 Get up to speed with  BitLocker To Go using this  Microsoft TechNet Edge video – it shows you what to do, and explains how you can…


some VHD Options in Windows 7

I’ve become quite the VHD user with Windows 7. You might be asking why. To start with I didn’t realise that I would be such a protagonist either. Essentially it allows me to keep a complete working and bootable test environment from which I can easily take a full backup – just cut and paste…


Free HP Mini Netbook with Win 7 for TechEd attendees

These HP Mini 2140 Notebook devices look excellent, and will be free (!) for attendees of TechEd 2009, Sep 8-11 2009 on the Gold Coast http://www.msteched.com/australia/Public/windows-7-experience.aspx


Playing with HP Multi-Touch on Win7 for Amplify09

Today I have been having fun with the HP IQ528 – thanks HP! We are planning to use at the Amplify09 event this Friday. I installed the Windows 7 touch pack and added a beta multi-touch driver (thanks to Windows 7 TechNet forums) and a few games such as Airhockey from IdentityMine who did some…