Dev vs Dev–Windows Phone 7

To celebrate the launch of Windows Phone 7, Australia’s best developers can use their skills and create an app worthy of claiming the title of Windows Phone 7 App Champion. The fight is on! Can’t wait to see the results….


I’m going be a Windows Phone 7 App Writer

After TechEd, various internal events and some pretty nifty demos from the guys at Readify, its about time I stopped playing with emulators and wrote something. This post contains a bunch of developer readiness resources to help me and perhaps you, get started. First off some of the pre and post TechEd AU press  Microsoft…


The Hyperspace Button

Some of you may remember Defender, and it was with much amusement I was reminded,in email, of the Hyperspace button. The email went along the lines of “I would have completed the form, but I pressed something and was hyper-spaced”. Thanks to the Beastie Boys narrative you may remember how Defender was played (if you…


Finding the developer experience and principles for Windows Phone encouraging.

Despite a few murmurs on cut and paste and multi-tasking I thought I would go to the sessions instead at Mix 10. I didn’t see, or expect much friction on these rumours on the Mix site, but I was pretty encouraged to start developing for Windows Phone 7 Series and about the Metro design principles…


Twitter data visualisation for Windows Phone

I admit it, I’m starting to really want to put my hands on a Windows Phone 7 series. But I wondered, if I was alone. There have been many positive reviews and few question marks, but given the pool of searchable twitter comments out there it can be a poll for what people (well largely…


Time Management and meetings. Using your phone and desktop tools to better effect

How do you think of time management?   When I think of time management I think of personal productivity. Most of my time in personal productivity is around meetings This could be a meeting around a desk, having a stand-up discussion, a war-room or even a brainstorming session.   This enables me to draw a…


Throwing away the rulebook

Reading various articles this week, I found an article on Windows Mobile 7 from msmobiles. I found the quote from Phil Moore very interesting. “We’re still playing catch-up.. [Apple] threw away the rulebook and reinvented it. We unfortunately don’t have that luxury.” I’m assuming the luxury part is about maintaining an existing eco-system. In the…


Mobile Videos & Development Web cast July 17th 2009

Don Kerr reminded me today of the following resources: Videos: Windows Phone Promo – 30 second video Windows Phone Developer Video July 17 1pm – Getting started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5: developer tools, technologies, debugging and testing Learn how to get started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5, what can be done with the new…


My next phone and sync’ing

My next phone could be the TG01 from Toshiba. My worry is the pickup and hang-up button is the same place as my HTC Touch HD. This, in Windows Mobile 6.1, means that the menu buttons are too close to the major phone buttons. Maybe 6.5 or later versions will resolve this. It does have…