Windows Mobile 6.5 Toolkit

I would love to play with this, but I doubt Ill have time…. …. it includes the Gestures API & doc, as well as emulators so developers can start writing apps for the new 6.5 UI with better touch support.


Microsoft Recite – a search technology for your voice

Microsoft Recite is a search technology for your voice that runs on Windows Mobile* devices. With Microsoft Recite, you can use your voice to easily store, search and retrieve the things you want to remember, where and when you need them. Microsoft Recite is available as a free technology preview. I’ll be playing with this…


HTC Touch HD Update

My Touch HD experiences so far are mostly good with a couple of bad. The good: Phone book transfer to Bluetooth devices Discovered the photo zoom (circle gesture) feature (in and out) Bluetooth discovery of devices and reconnect is excellent Internet connection sharing – switches on by default – awesome Connection manager is very handy…


Alternate HTC Touch Interface

I haven’t yet tried to see if this works or there is something similar for my HTC Touch HD. …a video demo of the Bell HTC Touch Pro user interface:


Blackjack II to HTC Touch HD – First thoughts

I stretched myself to buy the new HTC Touch HD (iPhone look-a-like) Windows Mobile Device from Handtec in the UK thanks to guidance found in the forums on whirlpool. The question is how does it fair against my trusty similar sized Samsung BlackJack II? Well at first glance it looks shinier and about the same…


Kevin PM Twitter

Following the footsteps of Obama. Kevin Rudd and his team are twittering       ZdNet suggests its because Malcolm Turnbull was there first   According to Doug Purdy Twitter is dying and friend feed is now the usurper (no live links here though). I wonder if we will see a Kevin friend feed? But…


iphone substitute – HTC Touch HD?

Major changes happening in the mobile space. With i-mate looking for a buyer and the HTC Touch 3d outspec’ing but perhaps not out UXing the iphone. With Windows Mobile 7 delayed this may be a worthy interim device for corporate users until we see some of the alleged motion gestures. You can see more of…


Touch platform debates rage on

At this stage Touch is not for me. I’m pretty happy with my Samsung BlackJack II running Windows Mobile 6.1. However, much as I like the iPhone, it is a bit of a toy. I think the following review sums it up. Twice the hype, half the novelty. I’ve yet to check out the…


Testing new gadgets

I’ve been playing with VoIP at home and adding to my media Center. Admittedly it wasn’t as good as the display Rick Anderson (SSP for mobility) had at a recent Global Mobile briefing. I personally liked the new Samsung pocket PC format, however didn’t get to use as they were without batteries. In terms of…


Blackjack II and GPS

Recently, when starting my new ATS role, I was given a choice of a HTC Touch or the HTC Cavalier in the form of the Dopod (C730). Thanks Grace! (she looks after Windows Mobile in Australia) I decided upon the Dopod as I thought the keyboard would be good. All in all, the device was…