Dexter on Vista

I watch a fair bit of cinema and unless you are truelly unaware of product placement you would have noticed like me that apple pops up quite regularly. Then I watched the Day the Earth Stood Still and it featured some Windows Logo and Microsoft Surface. Then tonight, thanks to Roger, I got round to…


BitLocker To Go

Inspired by Windows 7 beta I saw today and the superb USB drive encryption I thought I’d post some links on BitLocker. BitLocker Drive Encryption Step-by-Step Guide My likes for BitLocker to go: Drive explorer automatic opening and closing Automatic decryption Backward compatibility application for XP and Vista


Windows Marketplace

I accidentally stumbled upon the updated Digital Locked aka Microsoft Store. From here I found out about intriguing AutoCollage 2008 While I was there I noticed some nifty compatibility site for Windows Vista – pretty useful.   I also came across Microsoft PinPoint but its appears to be, unfortunately, returning me US only results.


Ministry of Sound Vista Gadget

When I’m trying to focus I find it really helpful to tune into high BPM tunes. Especially developing. Ministry has always been a favourite but only this weekend I tuned into their free radio. They have a Vista radio gadget too: Download the gagdet here Thinking out loud: I must check what’s new for gadgets…


Windows Vista – Gadget and Media Center Addon for the Beijing Olympic Games

Thanks to the Windows Vista Experience Blog for pointing me at these two tools! 1) A brand new Windows Sidebar gadget designed to let users keep track of Olympic Medal wins from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Download: 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count Gadget   2) A Media Center Add-on for saving events TVTonic is…


Mojave – the Vista Ultimate experience

After the weekends news about Mojave there has been much noise in the blogosphere. It turns out that the Mojave Experiment was simply the out of the box Vista Ultimate experience. I’m going to delve a bit into the testing process and the hardware, but its ironic but no surprise that Vista is actually much…


Ultra portable options and directions

I am about to travel overseas, and not that my budget extends to another laptop, but this OQO model e2 ultra mobile pc would be a great form factor with Vista! I would love, battery depending, to have this XO-2 laptop (around 2010)  however:


Windows Vista SP1 – my likes

Windows Vista SP1 is an update to Windows Vista that, along with improvements delivered to users via these other channels, addresses feedback from our customers. In addition to previously released updates, SP1 will contain changes focused on addressing specific reliability, performance, and compatibility issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging…


Vista tweak tools

  Windows Vista tweaks A vista logo generator


New TechNet ANZ Vista Gadget

The Microsoft TechNet Gadget for Australia and New Zealand delivers information from several of the common news feeds and security alerts. It supports up to six feeds with TechNet Highlights and Basic Security Alerts as default options. A range of other feeds are selectable with options for more comprehensive security alerts, Australian and New Zealand…