Microsoft Surface and RTT PowerHouse 3-D Technology Showcased at RTT Conference

The 10th RTT Conference in Munich in May featured the successful premiere of Realtime Technology (RTT) 3D-rendering technology Powerhouse working in conjunction with Microsoft Surface. The exhibit was one of the most visited at the conference. The combination of Microsoft Surface and RTT PowerHouse brings the world of photo-realistic 3D rendering with a great user…


Playing with HP Multi-Touch on Win7 for Amplify09

Today I have been having fun with the HP IQ528 – thanks HP! We are planning to use at the Amplify09 event this Friday. I installed the Windows 7 touch pack and added a beta multi-touch driver (thanks to Windows 7 TechNet forums) and a few games such as Airhockey from IdentityMine who did some…


Surface Car Shopping

The BMW Product Navigator employs Microsoft’s Surface to assist potential customers to hand-pick options.


PDC and Surface

Developing for Microsoft Surface (300) SDK – Brad Carpenter WMV-HQ Video Download WMV-HQ   Some great and easy to set and understand properties to the new control types.   Also see:   PC23 Windows 7: Integrate with the Windows 7 Desktop Tue 10/28 | 3:30 PM-4:45 PM | 515B Presenter: Rob Jarrett   Additionally you…


Out of touch – Touch Wall

I’m obviously not keeping in touch (excuse the pun) with some of the “surface” technology. Here is a couple of examples of Touch Wall (Surface – Vertical – sort of) I missed in May. Its not to hard to see this being used in a city office lobby:


Surface first touch

At TechEd Pre-Day today I was there when our team from Amnesia rolled out 1 of their 2 (and the only 2) in Australia.Thanks to Brady O’Halloran (Amnesia) and Tatham Oddie (Readify) for walking me through the standard and customised demo respectively. Tatham developed a pretty snazzy application in 2 days using the SDK -…


Microsoft Sphere; A Multi-Touch Interactive Spherical Display

Last weekend I was sharing with my colleagues some videos I saw of the Microsoft Sphere device. Its much like the Surface device, in that its multi-touch. Unlike the surface its rounded which makes the mind boggle. Clearly it has some sort of central projection and I would imagine infra-red cameras like the surface but…


Developing for Surface

I want a Surface device, and not suprisingly I want the SDK. See how easy it will be to develop for XNA and WPF below,  you may want one too: Firefly is an example example of the SDK in use. From what I’ve heard Surface supports 52 simultaneous multi-touch interactions! I’m sure there is a…