Office 2007 Service Pack 2

Office 2007 SP2 has been released. Download links for SP2 Why should you deploy this service pack as soon as possible? Outlook is much much much faster Startup Removes lengthy operations from initial startup. Shutdown Makes Outlook exit predictably despite pending activities. Folder View and Switch Improves view rendering and folder switching. Office now supports…


Go Green with Visio

Are you looking for creative ways to save money without putting your business at a competitive disadvantage or compromising operational integrity? Pretty likely these days. There are some handy add-ins for Visio that may help you to save money, and do your bit for the environment. Rack Server Virtualization Add-In System Center Add-In Disk Space…


DeepZoom your PowerPoint Presentation

Thanks to Chris Birmele for pointing me at PPTFlex. PPTFlex a prototype developed by Office Labs in partnership with the PowerPoint team.  Their goal is to get lots of feedback to test the concept.  Here is an example of my recent presentation re-presented using PPTFlex. You can install it from:


Intelligent Spelling Check in Office 2007 – the blue squiggly line

Thanks to our Global team for this productivity enhancer: There, Their….what’s the difference? Both are spelled correctly! But there is a different in the contextual use of the words. Office 2007can help you write like a pro. Consider the sentence “Their was thick fog.” Although “Their” is spelled correctly, it is the incorrect use of…


Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

Discovered today that the new outlook connector is free! Click here for more info. (includes contact card management etc). This is great but now means I have home, work and Hotmail contacts. My next job will be to find a home/Hotmail synchronisation tool. Which now makes me wonder why I have been using Hotmail Plus….


Office 2007 or LiveWriter – Killer Blog apps

I was just about to write a post via the MSDN web site, when I remembered the office 2007 ribbon for blog posting. You can get there by pressing the big office button on the top right and then selecting publishing. This means for you, that I can write entries that are without spelling mistakes….


Fixed Office 2007 Link Problems

When clicking on 2007 I would get the following error. “this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your system administrator” I read from the following blog that it was because I was using multiple browsers and the default wasn’t being selected correctly:


Mac Mini Rc1 Update

At home my Mac Mini is still running RC1. The video problem is being investigated (triaged) by the internal team and Im confident of success – it currently looks like it may be network adapter driver related. I tried various things to see if they would work but the video playback of previously recorded MCE…