Finding the developer experience and principles for Windows Phone encouraging.

Despite a few murmurs on cut and paste and multi-tasking I thought I would go to the sessions instead at Mix 10. I didn’t see, or expect much friction on these rumours on the Mix site, but I was pretty encouraged to start developing for Windows Phone 7 Series and about the Metro design principles…


Windows Vista – Gadget and Media Center Addon for the Beijing Olympic Games

Thanks to the Windows Vista Experience Blog for pointing me at these two tools! 1) A brand new Windows Sidebar gadget designed to let users keep track of Olympic Medal wins from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Download: 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count Gadget   2) A Media Center Add-on for saving events TVTonic is…


Testing new gadgets

I’ve been playing with VoIP at home and adding to my media Center. Admittedly it wasn’t as good as the display Rick Anderson (SSP for mobility) had at a recent Global Mobile briefing. I personally liked the new Samsung pocket PC format, however didn’t get to use as they were without batteries. In terms of…


Microsoft Live TV for Vista Media Center

 Thanks to my old school buddy Robert Double for the following link. Engadget also write about it here Essentially its bringing Windows Live to Media Center usage. The benefit I can see straight away is the messenger interface. It would be great for my family to talk with family and friends in the UK in our lounge on a big screen….


Enable missing Australia content on Media Center

I’m really starting to get the media center vision. The new partnerships that Microsoft has with Bigpond, Sanity and Kodak are really helpful. That is if you don’t go playing with your machine or use pre-release software. So, If you like the idea of using Bigpond movies etc from your Media Center but can’t see…