Fixing multi country errors use with the Windows Azure Store

When you activate a service and create a subscription for the first time (e.g. XBox, Windows Azure, Office) the profile is created with the region the Microsoft Account (previously Live ID) has been setup with.

The billing side of the account is accessed from which redirects when you select Billing to

Somehow, I have managed to create my Microsoft Account in Great Britain but also added other billing features in Australia. You may be in the same boat so I thought I’d write up my resolution.


This type of region conflict can be the source of many errors. In some services, like XBOX, you can change the region (for your xbox live id) but this doesn't change the account region which is locked to your Windows Azure account. You may try and remove the payment option on your default account thinking this might  trick your Windows Azure account to start using the other profile. But what you will probably receive is:

“Our system is temporarily unavailable due to technical reasons. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact customer support."

What is most likely the reason is there needs to be at least 1 credit card associated with the billing profile

All these issues were because I couldn’t add MetricsHub from the Windows Azure Store


There are some restrictions – during preview the Store is available to Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, South Korea, United Kingdom or United States.

So if you have an account locked to Australia,  or other not on this list, you will receive this notification:


Similarly if you can get past this point but cannot purchase the store add-on,  it may because the billing credit card county and the subscription country don’t match. This last step error typically occurs when you are a customer of both Azure data market ( and windows azure stores (

Example: If your Azure Account marked with region code = HK (Hong Kong ). The solution is to cancel the data market subscription(s) and change the region to Hong Kong at – You should then be able to return to the windows azure stores and acquire add-ons and datasets.

If you have any Windows Azure Data Market subscriptions which are associated with a  then you will need to cancel them. So you can change the Windows Azure Marketplace  to match the Windows Azure account. Note: You can only change your country/region if you do not have an active subscription and you have never purchased a paid subscription

If you are looking to change region of your Windows Azure account,  this isn't possible at this time.

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  1. Sam Stoelinga says:

    Can't people at Microsoft do anything with their brain omg…..

  2. drmcghee says:

    @Sam not sure I follow. Anything I can help with? I believe this temporary solution I used is no longer an issue, but we are always open to giving better feedback to the teams.

  3. Hi David,

    It seems I can't complete the sign-up for the free azure trial because the sign-up created a NL – Business account profile in my Microsoft account, even though I don't have Dutch credit card (and didn't enter credit card details).

    I can't find any way to delete NL profile or modify the country – despite the fact there is no payment method or any subscriptions/transactions etc.

    Everytime I try to complete the sign-up for azure it prompts for a credit card which it rejects because it's a UK credit card with a UK billing address.

    I tried phoning tech support, who put me through to billing, who put me through to office365 who put me through to the windows store who finally told me to hand up and call tech support.

    At every stage it seems that no-one fully understood the issue, or my suggestions for how to resolve it.

    I'd really like to try azure without having to create a new Microsoft Account. If it's not possible to change the country of a billing profile it should at least be possible to create a new profile in a different country or delete an incorrect profile (with no history/subscriptions/transactions etc)

    Can you suggest anyway I can proceed?

  4. Warren says:

    Same problem here.  How can I delete the bad profile information?

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