Data backup strategies for Windows and SQL Azure

There are many tools and strategies for data backup in Windows and SQL Azure. This post is to outline a few that exist today. Its also worth noting that recently added to the SQL Azure portal was an Import Export feature .

In terms of approaches the following are good SQL Azure tools to consider:

And more manual SQL Azure techniques including:

For Azure Storage there are various tools (outlined for example this Matrix view). I’d have a look at the following:

Or there is always codeplex where there are a few samples such as AzureStorageBackup which is the updated version of Table Storage Backup

Note: Windows Azure Storage is triple copied within the target DataCenter and now has geo-replication by default.

Alternatively you could even write your own backup application and/or Map Windows Azure Blob Storage As Network Drive in Windows

Finally there are Microsoft  partners such as StorSimple who provide Azure storage software solutions and an on premises storage appliance.

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  1. Craig says:

    When it the SQL Azure PIT Restore feature going to be available. If done right many of these third party solutions would not be required.

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