#Azure Action – Weekly Newsletter – 27th May 2011

clip_image00132222222 Local Overview
New Australian Communications and Media Authority portal on Azure

justSAMit– A cloud-based IT asset control software - helping businesses better manage their business operations

Microsoft decides to push GreenButton – another local HPC Azure supercomputer!

clip_image001422222222 Readiness & Resources
Windows Azure: Scaffolding and packaging a Windows Azure project in PHP
Forging LinkedIn Authentication into WS-Federation
SQL Azure: Getting Started With SQL Azure Development
AppFabric: Windows Azure Azure AppFabric Cache Introduction
DataMarket: An Introduction to DataMarket with PHP
Watch: "Inside Azure" session now available for on-demand viewing
Avalara Maps Sales Taxes on Windows Azure
Case Study:

Flextronics helps retailers track repairs of electronics devices


Redgate - SQL Azure Backup Tool

clip_image0011022222222 Guidance
Book: Upcoming
Programming Microsoft's Clouds: Azure and Office 365
Developing Microsoft SharePoint Applications using Windows Azure.

How to Deploy a Hadoop Cluster on Windows Azure

SQL Azure How-To: Basic Architectural Considerations
clip_image001622222222 In the news
General: Australian IT - Cloud Computing Forum
Is Microsoft's Future in Data-as-a-Service?
Microsoft: India: Ballmer declares 300,000 new (cloud) jobs being created in the next five years
Windows Azure: Fraud Prevention Measure for New Windows Azure Platform Accounts
New Windows Azure sign up SMS challenge process

Windows Azure SDK for PHP v3.0 released
Deal of the Day Site and Samples
Microsoft Invites Sitecore to Join Windows Azure Platform Advisory Board
Now includes input from the CMS Azure Edition Platform producer

New Windows Azure Platform Pricing Calculator
Doesn’t replace the TCO calculator but makes easy

Windows Azure Bootstrapper: A Command Line Tool for post processing jobs like downloading, unzipping, installing outside web or worker role
Since you don't want to always download and run during restarts, it will also help track those dependencies and only launch an installer one time

“Microsoft readies 'Austin,' an Azure-hosted event-processing service"
SQL Azure and Stream Insight

Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS V1.0.1
Details about the recent update to the toolkit

clip_image0011222222222 Events

I registered for the free Microsoft REMIX keynote. I encourage you too here. Meet the finalists of the Windows Azure My Concept Rules!

Biyearly innovation and collaboration festival in just over a weeks time. A welcome addition to the line-up Amplify TV lets you watch the AMPlify festival live

Tim Buntel (@tbuntel) presents at:

Melbourne: Introducing Jasco 2SQL - Data migration faster and easier

Well worth checking out RHoK #3 Fri, 06/03/2011 - Sun, 06/05/2011


TechEd (US) Windows Azure sessions available here

Webinar: Windows Phone 7 and Azure Webinar Wrap-up

Monetizing the Cloud, Software licensing on Windows Azure with InishTech
Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 8:00 AM PDT Website security testing on Windows Azure with Cenzic
Wednesday June 1, 2011, 8:00 AM PDT

Monetizing ISV Applications On Windows Azure With Metanga
Friday Jun 3, 2011, 8:00 AM PDT

clip_image001822222222 Community
Like Azure? Mailing list for OzAzure
clip_image00132222222 Questions

Are SQL Azure databases written multiple times?


When you are creating a new SQL Azure database, you are actually creating three replicas of the database. This is done to ensure high availability. The replicas are completely transparent to the user. Currently, these replicas are in the same data center. The new database appears as a single unit for your purposes.

Q: Can you co-admin a SQL Azure database?

Not yet. Its coming the upcoming service release along with database import/export, Denali engine improvements and a preview of point in time restoration.

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