I’m going be a Windows Phone 7 App Writer

After TechEd, various internal events and some pretty nifty demos from the guys at Readify, its about time I stopped playing with emulators and wrote something. This post contains a bunch of developer readiness resources to help me and perhaps you, get started. First off some of the pre and post TechEd AU press

Thanks to Andy Reay for sending me some early developer book links:

    1. Charles Petzold's book on Windows Phone 7 is available as a free download. See the MS Press blog entry

Here are all the links you need for the ebook previews - Programming Windows Phone 7 Part 1, Part 1 Code samples, Part 2, Part 2 Code samples

2.  Also see this sampler of Laurence Moroney’s forthcoming book, Silverlight 4 Step by Step.

3. Another excerpt specifically around Silverlight 4 for Windows Phone 7 might also be of interest

Where to get started?


Other resources:

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