Smooth streaming on StreetSide thanks to Bing Maps Silverlight

There have been some great new features released overnight to beta for Bing Maps. Whilst, at first glance, you might say this has been done before, I’d hasten to add that its very fast, involved smooth transitioning and other meta data to maps (even PhotoSynths). My first impression had me stunned. The following pictures don’t really do it justice so please have a look yourself.

Below is an example of Twitter on StreetSide


And in more locally birds eye view with Coastalwatch surf cameras:

image image

Try it - Goto (Change to United States - ‘cos its beta - by click top right hand side of screen typically set at Australia)

And click Maps beta......

Comments (5)

  1. As the title says. Though I will admit it give you better images than Google Maps.

    Safari I think, has about 5% of all users… but they are *all* influentials. Ignore at your own peril Microsoft.

  2. Nate Lawrence says:

    James Gardner, in what way does it ignore Safari? It works on Safari 4.0.3 on MacOSX, Windows 7, and Windows xp for me.

  3. It gave me a message saying the feature wasn’t supported on my browser.

  4. Nate Lawrence says:

    Well… you shouldn’t have to, of course, but you might try using the Silverlight 4 Beta. Download the runtime here if you want it:

    Here’s a video I made this morning showing it running in Safari 4 and Firefox 3.5 on a Mac.

    Even though I don’t show it, I have it running happily in Safari 4 on my Windows machines as well.

    Hope you can get it working for you.


  5. Nate Lawrence says:

    Ah, sorry, I somehow appended an extra character to that URL. Here’s the correct link:

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