Over the last ten months, a volunteer team of 7 Microsoft MVPs, 30 community developers, 5 solution/ISV/hosting partners, and 4 non-governmental organizations have spent evenings and weekends working on a very unique philanthropic software business called HopeMongers. 

HopeMongers’ software enables a whole new kind of philanthropy, microgiving, helping you give as little as $10 to the work and people you care about most and see the direct impact – the before AND the after – of the money you gave.  Its believed this plan picks up where micro-finance and traditional models of philanthropy leave off.   From digging wells in Ethiopia to building libraries in India, this website lets you give as little as $10 to specific people and projects in the developing world and keep track of the impact your gifts have had. 

1. Mathematics Teacher ($2,140 remaining)

2. Mobile Medical Clinic ($1,600 remaining) Kamuda, Uganda

3. Water Well ($7890 remaining) Bayaha, Haiti

4. Community Playground ($16,000 remaining) Bukaya, Uganda

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