Inspired by Microsoft Australia’s kick off and year in review

One of my great privileges is to be an attendee of the annual Australian Microsoft kick off events. Not only are they well organised but you cannot come away feeling anything but inspired. Why? The people, the technology and the inspirations.

Examples of technology:


Natal (check this out on bing where you can save massive amounts of time on searching vidoes)

Natal (Milo)

The Sky Player, Sky TV’s online service, launches on Xbox LIVE this autumn, bringing with it a vast array of channels and programming that you can view live or on-demand

Xbox Live Gets Tuned up with On-Demand HD, Twitter, Facebook

Further news about Silverlight 3Azure and Office 2010 (plus the movie)

Example of inspiration:

Kurt Fearnley








  • Not only an Olympian in multiple disciplines and honoured in multiple events and Olympics he is now planning to crawl the Kokoda Trail to help raise awareness for Beyond Blue and Men’s Health. Read more here about Kurt, his plans and accomplishments.
  • Kurt’s talk was also backed up with some amazing work our volunteers did with devastating bush fires in Victoria.

Examples of our people

  • Digital Site Manager for and the Xbox LIVE Dashboard, Ashley Jenkins, showed how she is also a professional gamer and technical trend setter.
  • Michael Kordahi, all round enthusiast and protagonist of all things possible through web software.
  • Lawrence Crumpton, inspirational boundless energy for technology change for good, and Oscar Trimboli who inspired us by donating an award he won to Kurt’s charity causes.

One of the fun activities we did was to make team videos. If only I had time to make my own steady cam (for 15 dollars). Now back to the world of delivery, self improvement and challenges!

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