Microsoft introduces new XBox 360 features, including controller-less gaming

As reported in multiple sources yesterday there were a number of Microsoft announcements on new video game controllers, HD video streaming, and joined up social networking.   An example is the addition of Twitter to Xbox online.

Twitter is added to XBox Live online community at Microsoft's ...

A video of the E3 2009 briefing can be found on Wired.

Project Natal I read via GeekBrief TV and BBC Technology, releases a new model of XBox 360 Controller.

In this product image released by Microsoft, a Project Natal sensor for the XBOX 360 is shown. The sensor tracks a player's full body movement while responding to commands, directions and a shift of emotion in voice without the need for a controller.

Its based on 3DV Systems' technology as discussed in this engadget article


And the BBC picked up on the general availability of previously exclusive games of which The Beatles was reported in the local press.

“Playstation games Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid would also now be available on the Xbox 360”

At the same time more devices were being revealed such as the SpeakerCom 360 being reported at GizModo


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