GroupThink via Twitter, interesting observations from the superbowl

I thought I would bring to your attention an interesting article on the use of twitter and my thoughts on groupthink.

Some of you may remember twistori last year, however this article about the Superbowl shows key words and commentary per location as part of a timeline.


What’s this got to do with an industry like Financial Services?

Well, my thoughts are that if you are able to track what a select audience is thinking about a subject (say a fund, some stock or a bank) then you can predict or track responses.

Let’s say a bank had a new marketing campaign around savings (seeing as most banks now are going back to the old days of balancing loans and deposits as interest rates plunge) that ran for a week. They would be able to track the results of the campaign in real time. They could be looking for words like “Savings”, “Education” or key demographics “Children” or areas “Sydney” so see if people are talking about this.

It makes an interesting skew on what Nielson ad market research companies do on polling...

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