Throwing away the rulebook

Reading various articles this week, I found an article on Windows Mobile 7 from msmobiles. I found the quote from Phil Moore very interesting. “We’re still playing catch-up.. [Apple] threw away the rulebook and reinvented it. We unfortunately don’t have that luxury.” I’m assuming the luxury part is about maintaining an existing eco-system. In the…


Smooth streaming on StreetSide thanks to Bing Maps Silverlight

There have been some great new features released overnight to beta for Bing Maps. Whilst, at first glance, you might say this has been done before, I’d hasten to add that its very fast, involved smooth transitioning and other meta data to maps (even PhotoSynths). My first impression had me stunned. The following pictures don’t…


Ask the Development Tech Community

I’ve been reading David Burela’s blog – some pretty good stuff.   In addition to some neat presentations on Azure he’s recently release a community site for Cloud Computing.   Which lead me to a further site at Codify for Technical community lists: ausDotNet – General .NET windows and web development The ausdotnet list…


pDC UPDate – Windows Azure for PHP, MySQL and a host of other popular open-source tools

Thanks to much tweeting I am beginning to be jealous of Greg Willis, Catherine Eibner, Richard Banks and others overseas at #PDC09. Particularly given the sheer amount of content and good news for Cloud Computing via Windows Azure. I’m not sure if you would want wan on these Azure Containers in your back yard, but…


Windows 7 Themes

new Windows 7 Themes now available here


Weary from IT marketing

After a  long day I’m trawling through and reading tweets and a few comments on fixing pet hardware projects and I come across a guy called Daniel Eran Dilger. Seriously, the posts and rants I found really depressing. Yes they were anti Microsoft but on further reading anti anything not Apple. Worse still I’d…


Infoglut – I’m making an email resolution

IEEE Spectrum magazine’s article on infoglut has provided me some inspiration to: Reapply PIFEM Reduce the number of emails I send (I am part of the problem) Reduce my number of words in email (I can be more structured and more succinct) Refuse to reply all Investigate tools such as Clear Context Introduce to the…


Nothing comes for free?

There is something skill or magic about picking up a topic such as “Does IT matter” or penning a blog about “Everything for nothing”. The latter thanks to James Gardner, is typically thought provoking style as he writes “the next decade or so, I can’t see why you would build a private corporate network” since…



Over the last ten months, a volunteer team of 7 Microsoft MVPs, 30 community developers, 5 solution/ISV/hosting partners, and 4 non-governmental organizations have spent evenings and weekends working on a very unique philanthropic software business called HopeMongers.  HopeMongers’ software enables a whole new kind of philanthropy, microgiving, helping you give as little as $10 to…


Links to “what to know” about Sharepoint 2010

The public beta will be available on November 2009. Register at following location to access the software: Watch the SharePoint Conference 2009 keynote video SharePoint 2010 overview @ product group blog SharePoint 2010 (Beta) Developer Center TechNet information for ITPro (install, upgrade….) And note that the external SharePoint Product site…