HTC Touch HD Update

My Touch HD experiences so far are mostly good with a couple of bad.

The good:

  • Phone book transfer to Bluetooth devices
  • Discovered the photo zoom (circle gesture) feature (in and out)
  • Bluetooth discovery of devices and reconnect is excellent
  • Internet connection sharing - switches on by default - awesome
  • Connection manager is very handy which appears on USB connect
  • Vista ROM update possible (via WMDC)
  • Multiple stocks on HTC Touch Flo (nice UI)
  • USB, USB, USB (Makes charging so much easier as well as transfer)
  • Bluetooth activesync is solid

The bad:

  • Occasional few seconds delay (update below may fix)
  • Phone call interface can cause redial
  • When opening a text message the keyboard can fold away when you don’t want it to
  • HTC Telstra ROM update is cognisant of ROM region (so cannot update)
  • Minor: Quick GPS data reloads each week
  • Minor: Sometimes it would be nice to get rotated keyboard (by a shimmy you can bring up keyboard in landscape from Opera Browser and quick shift to another application)
  • Minor: TouchFlo has poor Calendering interface IMO


  • TomTom


On this update points there is an HTC update from the 12th thanks to Tarquin Swift for pointing this out to me. Here is the link:


Please note (as I didn’t) that the update requires it be run on the device and not on the PC.

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