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Following the footsteps of Obama. Kevin Rudd and his team are twittering




ZdNet suggests its because Malcolm Turnbull was there first



According to Doug Purdy Twitter is dying and friend feed is now the usurper (no live links here though). I wonder if we will see a Kevin friend feed?

But like Jonas's app (also see the excellent Dive Log Application)  there are still twitter clients popping up all over the place such as Twitterlight (also has the code)


On a completely separate note, did any one else miss Telstra's announcement on Mobile Data packaging (which includes a license for System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 !!) . I was too busy reading the hosted headliners:


  • Hosted business applications: through Telstra's T Suite portal, it is contemplated that businesses will have access to popular Microsoft business software, known as Microsoft Online Services, which will be hosted by Microsoft in the cloud and delivered as a subscription service.
  • Mobile services and devices: an all-in-one mobile email, calendar, contacts, web browser, business software and phone solution including security features, automatic software upgrades, support and data plan is envisaged. Advanced mobile phone fleet management and a new user-interface developed by Telstra giving users one-click access to their frequently used business applications on Windows Mobile phones is contemplated.
  • Unified Communications: Integrating Telstra's premium hosted IP Telephony service (TIPT) with Microsoft Office applications, including Office Communicator is proposed which will make it easier to control the way businesses communicate.

    Read all the techy documentation on MDM here


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